2013/4/21 (Sun) 春の交流会 Gallery

2013/4/26 (Fri) 大船渡からありがとう




The shuttle bus will arrive at Reservoir Station at approximately 5:50. It is a White Bus that says Showa on the side. Anyone wishing to ride should let the driver know that they are going to the Rainbow Hall event.
The next bust leaves Showa at 6:40 and will arrive at Reservoir at approximately 6:50 and will arrive at Showa a little after 7.
A bus will leave Showa going to Reservoir at 7:40 ( a little bit before we are finished)
Another Bus will leave at 8:40 also going to Showa.
日時:4月26日金曜日 午後6:30スタート
場所:Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture(Rainbow Hall)
交通:420 Pond Street Boston, MA 02130
最寄り駅: グリーンラインD Reservoir
2013/5/23 (Thu) 京友禅の会




Come rediscover of the beauty of the Japanese kimono. Visiting all the way from Boston’s beautiful sister-city of Kyoto, famed artisan Mr. Nomura will be in the Boston area to do a presentation on yuzen. Mr. Nomura has hosted exhibitions around the world, and this will be his first time in Boston. He will introduce the history of yuzen, its beginnings and the development of the art.
There will also be a discussion about the various hairstyles that are traditionally used while wearing a kimono, and you will also have an opportunity to try on a kimono. Japanese tea and Japanese sweets will be served.

-日時: 5月23日(木)18:30-21:00

-会場: 在ボストン日本国総領事館会議室


Federal Reserve Plaza 22F
600 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02210
最寄駅:Red Line South Station

-参加費: $10(先着順にて会場収容人数に達した時点で受付は終了させて頂きます)

Date: Thursday, May 23 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Venue: Consulate-General of Japan in Boston, large conference room
Federal Reserve Plaza 22F
600 Atlantic Ave., Boston, MA 02210
Nearest station: Red Line South Station
Click on this link for more information about the consulate.
Fee: $10 (space is very limited, so reserve your spot quickly!)

18時以降のご来場の場合はSummer Street側入口をご利用下さい。

In order to enter the Federal Reserve Plaza building, you must show a state-issued photo ID. Parking is available in the nearby Chinatown and South Station areas. Please note that the area gets very congested during rush hour. Please use the side entrance on Summer Street if you arrive after 6:00pm.

2013/3/9 (Sat) 遺産相続勉強会 Gallery

2013/2/15 (Fri) Valentine Party Gallery

2013/4/21 (Sun) JREX春の交流会

「OH!BENTO de “Itadaki” Part2!」

昨年9月大盛況に終わったレストラン Itadaki Boston での弁当ボックス交流会パート2です。

Time: April 21, Sunday 11:30 registration 12pm start
Location:Itadaki Boston
269 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116


Nearest station: Green Line Hynes Convention Center

Fees:$25 (JREX Member:$20)
Price includes food(bento box)and drinks.

2013/2/1 (Fri) 特別講演会 Gallery

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